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    "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"

    Albert Einstein

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    SBHC Press Clippings

    Online Doctor Reviews: Good, Bad, or Irrelevant?

    MedPage Today

    Online critiques may help patients make informed choices, but those choices can be biased if the reviews are written by disgruntled patients

    The Biggest, Boldest Health Predictions for 2017 - Crowdsourced From You

    Christina Farr, Fast Company

    How will health care change in 2017?

    What Goes Into the Making of a Great Nurse?

    Excite Education

    What goes into the making of a great nurse? How does a nurse transition from being merely adequate at their job to excelling and becoming excellent?

    Kaiser's Building Boom: Part of Plan

    San Fernando Valley Business Journal

    Nonprofit's footprint must keep up with its patient count. Read SBHC's perspective on the growing patient-centricity of healthcare marketing

  • FAQ

    A Conversation about Marketing and Medical Communications with Sharoni Billik

    Q: What are some examples of recent projects you have completed?

    A: We appreciate variety, and luckily have worked on a number of different projects. Examples include investigator meetings, KOL identification, KOL engagement, advisory boards, clinical site visits, congress planning, publication planning, corporate presentations, medical education, infographics, and eMarketing campaigns.

    Q: Who can benefit from your company's work?

    A: Anyone can benefit from strong project support! Our specialty is working with high-aspiring teams and individuals, from companies or all sizes and stages, who desire to move forward with their projects quickly and efficiently.

    Q: Do you only work with start-up companies?

    A: We work with companies of all types - from small, seed companies, to large, publicly-traded companies.

    We also work with healthcare-affiliated companies - including telemedicine, home healthcare, and academic institutions.

    Q: How do you work with larger companies and corporate teams?

    A: The process of working with a larger team mirrors that of working with an individual but it is customized for each team. The project requirements, unique elements, and timeline are all established upfront, and progress is communicated weekly or as otherwise desired by the client team.

  • About Sharoni

    SBHC's Leadership: Sharoni Billik, MBS, MBA, CEO & Founder

    Sharoni Billik, MBS, MBA, experienced in both the development and commercialization of therapeutics, is a leading pharmaceutical and biotech marketer and communications specialist

    Sharoni enjoyed a successful career for private and publicly-traded pharmaceutical corporations before turning her considerable talents and experience to helping others achieve their goals. She established Sharoni Billik Healthcare Communications (SBHC) in 2015 - her mission is to help clients accomplish their marketing and medical communication goals in as straightforward, focused, and efficient a manner as possible.


    An avid traveler and "people's person", Sharoni has consulted with clients and attended meetings around the world.


    Sharoni is passionate about being a connector, and getting things done for her clients - quickly, efficiently, and on budget. Nothing excites Sharoni more than than the challenge of using whatever resources are available to get something done well.

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